Andean Bear

Big Cats

Red Panda


Make some memories with our unforgettable experiences for all the family, 

Your stay booked direct through us here includes a choice of 2 of the below encounters plus tickets to hand feed giraffe, penguin, lemurs, wolves, big cats and giant otters.  

Tickle a Tapir, Hang with a Sloth, give a Rhino a neck rub or chill with the Red Panda or hand feed a Tiger. You’ll be coming snout (or knee in the Giraffe’s case) to face with some of the most beautiful, rare and Endangered Animals in these interactive Animal Encounters!

Each Experience Runs for 20-30 minutes and depending upon which you choose will be timetabled throughout the day.

Included in your stay: 

  • Entry to the park for the duration of your stay 
  • 2 encounters where you will accompany the keeper into the enclosure, animal house and/behind the scenes areas
  • Opportunity to hand feed (where possible)
  • Opportunity to ask questions throughout

Choose From:

  • African Animal Encounter
  • Andean Bear Encounter
  • Big Cat Hand Feeding Experience
  • Bird Experience
  • Capybara Experience
  • Giant Otter Encounter
  • Kordofan Giraffe Encounter
  • Lemur and Tamarin Encounter
  • Lowland Tapir Encounter
  • Meerkat Encounter
  • Primate Encounter
  • Red Panda Encouter
  • Roo & Wallaby Encounter
  • Southern White Rhino Encounter
  • Two Toed Sloth Encounter
  • Zebra Encounter

Our experience booking assistant will contact you in advance of your stay to book in times and check your choices with you.  

Upgrade:  For a flat fee of £150 for the whole of your party you can upgrade one of your experiences to a full carnivore encounter where you can meet all the Big Cats of the zoo - lions, tigers, Jaguars,... you still need to choose a second one 

Health & Safety For Health and Safety reasons, age restrictions apply to some of our experiences.  We advise anyone who may be pregnant or think they may be pregnant to avoid the Big Cat/ Carnivore experiences.   Toxoplasmosis is an infection, which can present a risk to unborn babies, caused by a microscopic parasite (toxoplasma gondii) sometimes found in cats.  Especially during the first three months of pregnancy, women in the early stages of pregnancy should avoid contact with any faecal material which may be present in the enclosures.  Keeper for a day bookings can avoid entering big cat enclosures.  These, and some terms and conditions are shown at the bottom of this page. Please review and accept our Booking Conditions before you book.  

New in 2024:  Bookings for 2024 will include a slightly difference and will be even more fabulous - so if you have stayed with us before your day will still include the 2 amazing encounters but will start with a flourish of feeding: 

You will get times for your 2 encounters and then 

Starting at 9.30am you will join our keepers for a "wake up sleepy roos" tour for an exclusive hands on feeding tour for our cottage stayers where you will get to hand feed giraffes, lemurs, kangaroos and whatever else they find along the way finishing with a big cat feed.  At the end of which we will point out the meet point for your 2 chosen encounters, and you'll have some free time to refresh, wander or hunt out the rest of the zoo residents before meeting at your cottage organised time.     Want to do it your own way - no problem we can hand you the tickets and you plan your own day.